The Richardson Company

Meet the Architect

Owner, Bob Richardson

Owner, Bob Richardson

Architect, founder and owner, Bob Richardson, has always been inspired by the art and culture of his hometown - New Orleans, Louisiana. 

From the jazzy tunes carried throughout the streets in the French Quarter, to the old fashioned, historical homes nestled away in the neighborhoods… He has always had a deep love and appreciation for his city.

His journey to architecture began at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette) where he studied art and architecture. He graduated with his architect degree in 1974. Shortly after graduating, he was mentored by an engineer and had the opportunity to meet many builders from around the city. One of his first projects was designing the layout of the famous Rajun Cajun ride at Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans. It wasn’t long until the Richardson Company was established in 1976. The rest is history! 

Keeping Tradition

hand drawing.jpg

Sticking to hand drawings in the age of computers:

Every Richardson Company home has it’s own character and charm. A big reason for that is because every home is designed using hand drawings. Yes, that’s right. All of the design drawings are hand crafted by Bob Richardson himself. 

Unlike computer designs and the renderings that come with them, hand drawn sketches have the ability to define various attributes of a design - form, scale, space, and materiality. Sketches allow you to use and expand your imagination and consequently produce unique and creative results.

Our Three Core Values:

  • Details Matter

  • Proportion is Key

  • Art Combined with Traditional, New Orleans Heritage


Every Design is Different.

We don’t duplicate our custom homes… each one is built upon the personal style, taste and ideas of each client.

Residential Custom Houses

With over 40 years of experience, Bob Richardson understands all phases of the homebuilding procedure. The goal is to make this process as easy, simple and stress free as possible.

Bob works with his clients through every stage of designing and building. Performing with outstanding excellence from the beginning and end of each phase is the priority. It would be an honor and privilege to design your dream home!